Sarah thought it ironic that, today, Hollywood represents disability, but on condition that disabled protagonists are portrayed by able stars.

     Our final hurdle to fulfilling Sarah's wish is securing rights to archival and feature clips.  Feature clips are costly, but necessary in order to introduce today's viewer to Herbert Marshall's screen persona, and most importantly, to scrutinize selected sequences to show the measures the studios took to disguise their star's disability. 

     Perfect Lover is an untold story whose time to be told has come.  Not the least for its message about body-image and self-esteem at a time when awareness is growing about the terrible consequences of bullying; and as thousands of vererans, and other newly disabled, face the same irrevocable reality that Herbert Marshall had to disavow. 

Fund Raising Goal.

     Even after learning that she had cancer, Sarah continued her commitment to our project.  She wanted the story told to help other people who, even today, experience the difficulty of being different.

    The best way to get our point across about Bart's "secret," and about the real secret behind the secret is to show, not tell.